Choose The VPN That Is Right For You


In addition to the Pocket Hardware Firewall VPN client there are two software only VPN product families: HotSpotVPN-1 and HotSpotVPN-2.

HotSpotVPN-2 is an OpenVPN based SSL VPN. There are three HotSpotVPN-2 flavors differentiated by encryption; Blowfish 128 bit, AES 192 bit and AES 256bit.

If you require the best encryption available then choose the 256bit AES VPN.

Want a little more speed but still require the Advanced Encryption Standard? Then choose the 192bit AES VPN.

Want the fastest  secure VPN? Then choose our 128bit BlowFish VPN.

HotSpotVPN-1 is a PPTP VPN and uses 128bit MPPE encryption and is the only VPN service available for your Nokia, Palm, and iPhone devices.  It is very easy to set up because every modern operating systems come with a PPTP client already installed. The typical setup takes less than three minutes.  

That said, if you are in or are traveling to any country that may try to block a VPN please choose HotSpotVPN2.  A PPTP vpn is easy to block and are not supported on many networks out in the wild.


HotSpotVPN2 (which includes a complimentary PPTP HotSpotVPN-1 account) is 108.80 per year for Blowfish encryption (128 bits), $110.80 for AES-192 (192 bits), and $138.80 for AES-256 (256 bits).

HotSpotVPN-1 is available for $88.80 per year.


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